Kaspersky Security Solutions in Saudi Arabia KSA

Kaspersky Enterprise Security Solutions

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select is on-premise security suite that includes protection and management applications which enable organizations to enforce IT policy, defend against malware attacks and manage overall IT operations.

The solution provides businesses multi-layered protection based on a combination of big data threat intelligence, machine learning and human experience.Granular security management allows users to administrate and control security threats without additional integrations with different applications.

Kaspersky’s ‘System Watcher’ technology monitors an application’s behavior after it launches on server or employee machine to identify malicious patterns of activity. The solution also creates a list of trusted networks and based on it access to Wi-Fi networks is allowed or prohibited.

Threat Management and Defense

Digital transformation is key to future success for large organizations and government bodies. There are major benefits, but protecting a highly digitized infrastructure offers significant new challenges. Our comprehensive Threat Management and Defense solution adapts to the specifics of your organization and the ongoing processes of providing information security, enabling you to build a unified methodology for complete corporate protection against advanced threats and unique targeted attacks.

Endpoint Security

Proven, efficient security that protects your bottom line, based on our unequalled global security intelligence and machine learning technologies. This tightly integrated solution combines fully scalable protection capabilities for physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoints including desktops, servers, mobile devices and embedded systems. Every endpoint can be managed through one unified console, giving you a complete security overview, no matter how extensive your infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Providing an adaptive security landscape empowered by true machine learning to protect your entire hybrid cloud from the most sophisticated threats. Infrastructure and security layers integrate and interoperate, combining strengths to create a safe and efficient environment, allowing for the borderless migration of workloads between private and public clouds. The result is continuous, flexible, transparent and manageable security, so you can go as hybrid as business needs dictate.

Security Operations Center

While businesses learn to better protect themselves, criminals are simultaneously devising ever more sophisticated techniques to penetrate their security perimeters. Attracted by the unprecedented financial rewards a cyber-attack can deliver, increasing numbers of threat actors are actively seeking and targeting corporate security flaws. In response, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are being established to combat security issues as they arise, and to provide a swift response and resolution.

Cybersecurity Services

How can you keep fully updated on all the latest, constantly emerging threats currently targeting enterprises like yours? What if your SIEM system doesn’t have adequate cyberthreat detection capabilities? How can you ensure you're notified about the most dangerous Advanced Persistent Threats in time to take evasive action? Kaspersky Lab offers a portfolio of Threat Intelligence services designed to mitigate these risks.

Fraud Prevention

Going digital isn't just a trend: it's a necessity. As most customers now use online and mobile channels for their daily needs, businesses must deliver high-level services with maximum functionality. Simultaneously, they must juggle online security with a frictionless customer experience. Which is where Kaspersky Fraud Prevention comes in - letting you grow and develop your online and mobile channels without the added stress of security concerns and online usability issues.