Jedox • AFNAM


The driving idea behind Jedox is providing “self service” Business Intelligence: That is, business users can work with this software without needing to have any in-depth IT expertise. For controllers and business analysts who have previously used Excel, PowerPoint, etc. to create reports and analyses, Jedox provides the ability to take advantage of an online analytical processing system (OLAP) while still working within a familiar environment.

OLAP systems allow integrated access to a wide variety of company databases and data sources. Using them, company data can be taken from a variety of different points of view and turned into multidimensional “what if” scenarios. Business processes can also be clarified and critical company aspects can be taken into account. With Jedox, a particular emphasis is placed on planning, analysis and reporting.


Successful business planning is based on meaningful and accurate forecasts. However, consulting with all the different departments involved often increases the complexity of the task and so makes the entire planning cycle more inefficient. By using the web and the Excel-based planning tools offered by Jedox, business users can create reports and independently develop complex planning applications. All input data and qualitative results are centrally stored by Jedox in an in-memory OLAP database, so that multiple departments can work together in a coordinated and resource-efficient way.


When it comes to data analysis, Jedox is particularly user friendly: You can easily carry out ad-hoc analyses within an Excel environment. Users have the ability to directly navigate through data and can access information down to its lowest document level. To achieve this, Jedox combines highly efficient functionality with an intuitive Excel user interface. This makes it possible for users – regardless of department – to make important decisions in real time. For example, users can review variations in cost categories on a per cost centre basis and, if needed, even jump down to individual booking documents. And using the Jedox web browser it is also possible to store functionally and visually appealing analysis paths.


Users must be able to flexibly prepare and keep up-to-date their various metrics and reports. However, ever growing and increasingly more heterogeneous volumes of data make manual data processing with Excel cumbersome and prone to errors. Jedox simplifies the reporting process by using a web-based reporting tool with an Excel interface. There is also a version of Jedox, optimised for use with mobile devices, that can be used to access centrally stored reports in real time.