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Cloud Management and Governance

Jamcracker is a cloud services management and cloud governance solutions company, with more than a decade of experience providing industry leading software and services. The Jamcracker platform powers the cloud services provisioning, cloud governance, management and operations for enterprise and government organizations, telecom service providers, managed services providers, systems integrators, distributors, value added resellers and technology providers.

Jamcracker helps organizations manage, deliver, and govern their public, private and hybrid multi cloud services in addition to brokering third-party ISV cloud services. Using Jamcracker solutions, IT organizations and service providers can now unify and optimize cloud services delivery for their employees, customers, and channels.

Jamcracker gives the flexibility you need to respond to rapidly changing business requirements. The Jamcracker platform greatly reduces the complexity and cost of multi cloud management and delivery. Moreover, our platform automates cloud governance, cloud cost management, policy controls and operations management.

Cloud Services Brokerage

Jamcracker Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) solution enables organizations to manage and deliver their own multi-cloud services as well as broker 3rd party providers’. IT organizations and service providers can now unify private, public and hybrid cloud consumption for their employees, customers and through their channels.

Jamcracker CSB Platform is a multi-tiered, multi-tenant cloud delivery and management platform that supports self-service cloud fulfillment, delegated administration, and channel enablement. This is applicable to both internal cloud services brokerages—for example, IT organizations aggregating public and private clouds for internal users—and external CSBs, including service providers, distributors, and any other type of customer-facing marketplace.

For organizations to get the maximum benefits from cloud, having the right governance in processes is crucial. The Jamcracker cloud governance and management platform is intended for use by organizations as they establish cloud computing governance. It creates business-driven policies and principles that establish the appropriate degree of investments and control around the life cycle process for cloud computing services.

Manage cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) risk and spend by applying user and service policies that meet compliance needs across the enterprise.

Cloud Cost Analytics

Comprehensive Cloud Cost Analytics across multiple cloud environments, and granular drill down into each of the cost elements are imperative for tight cost control and management. Rich cloud analytics tools can save up to 70% of cloud resource cost by giving cloud administrators visibility into optimal placement, utilization and right sizing of the cloud. The Jamcracker Cloud Governance and Management Platform offers valuable analytics to holistically manage cloud costs across your organization. These analytics offer live cloud consumption intelligence including cost associated with each of the cloud resources, usage of these resources and any missed opportunities for cloud cost optimization across cloud providers.

Cloud Billing

The Jamcracker Cloud Billing and Payment System brings automation to offers rating, billing of services, invoicing of consumptions and third party settlement processes. With the option of integration of in-use accounting, reconciliation and other financial systems, service providers and enterprises can use Jamcracker’s system to easily adapt it to their monetization ecosystem.

Consumption can be billed based on subscription or usage. Rating engine tallies rates and tariff information from the offer configuration and then generates invoices. Billing functionality reconciles payments against invoices and triggers collection processes when applicable. To collect payments online, it also interfaces with various payment channels in real time.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Jamcracker Hybrid Cloud Management solution that lets you build a multi-cloud environment with the much need control without sacrificing business agility. Jamcracker Hybrid Cloud Management integrates the disparate cloud environments and allows you to control your cloud resources with purpose built automation, orchestration, policy enforcement and management tools. Jamcracker Hybrid Cloud Management helps IT to rein cloud sprawl while enterprises adopt cloud services across the organization.

The solution supports end-to-end life cycle management of various cloud resources. It supports automated provisioning and configuration of virtual machines, workload stacks, block storage, and network interfaces. The policy framework provides cloud governance and helps businesses create policies to optimize the use of cloud resources. Jamcracker Hybrid Cloud Management provides comprehensive visibility of your cloud costs. It provides meaningful cloud cost and usage data by projects, departments, products, vendors, and business units. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) enables organizations to restrict/permit users to access and the Showback report provides clear visibility into utilization by the organization and departments.

Cloud Cost Arbitrage

Jamcracker’s Cloud Cost Arbitrage solution offers the tools to compare various public cloud providers and instantly compare their offerings, in terms of cost. While you select the provider who is best suited to you, based on your selection parameters, the Solution enables you to resell services and monetize wholesale partnerships with the ISVs.

  • Cloud VM comparison – VMs, typically, are the largest contributors to cloud infrastructure costs. With the help of Jamcracker’s Cost Comparator Tool, users will be able to choose the desired VM configuration and instantly get a cost comparison of offerings from various public providers
  • Enables easy price comparison of Databases, Load Balancers, Storage and other cloud resources
  • Allows addition of selected resources to a Wish List to get the estimated price for the entire stack
  • Enables decision making on the fly, by looking at and comparing estimated cost of Multi-Vendor Cloud stack
  • Consolidates the complete sale under single wholesale partnership and apply margins to make profits by offerings competitive rates

Cloud Services Governance and Management for Enterprise & Government IT

As enterprise organizations and government agencies are undergoing “Cloud Shift”, a comprehensive cloud management solution is very much needed for IT and business users to provide cloud analytics, cloud control and cloud life cycle management solutions. Cloud Governance is required to get handle on cloud consumptions across organizations.

Jamcracker offers a comprehensive cloud management, and governance enablement solution that allows IT to aggregate, manages, and delivers public and private cloud services across the enterprise and Government IT departments or agencies.

Why Jamcracker for Enterprise and government IT?

  • Catalog – Enterprises to setup app stores as centralized resources of services for users’ needs, including private and public cloud services
  • Multi Cloud Management – Multi-cloud both Public & Private Cloud resources provisioning and lifecycle Management
  • Governance – Unifies security, auditing, compliance enforcement, and services discovery
  • Visibility – Cost & usage analytics
  • Helps to deliver ITaaS, and stop cloud sprawl