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Board BI

BOARD Budgeting Planning & Forecasting:

BOARD software solution enables organizations to combine planning processes with budgeting, forecasting, reporting and score carding – effectively aligning performances with corporate strategic vision. Unlike spreadsheets, the management of BOARD’s multi-dimensional planning system makes it possible to introduce workflow, security, audit trail and versioning mechanisms. This enhances the controllability and efficiency of the entire process – making it fully -reliable in terms of results, and significantly less onerous in terms of time and resources.

BOARD Strategy Management Solution:

BOARD helps organizations to manage the process of strategy formulation, to translate it into practical action and to monitor execution. The software toolkit approach ensures that the strategy can be converted into accurate Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards, with the capability to provide users with a customized vision of their goals. Advanced simulation capabilities, allow organizations to manage Scenario Planning, and to evaluate the impact of hypothetical events on company results

BOARD Business Intelligence Solution:

BOARD enables users to quickly create any kind of corporate report, from simple spreadsheets to multiple-page graphic booklets, simply by positioning and configuring data aware objects on the screen, with no need for any programming. Three-dimensional graphs, cockpits, maps and new generation animations, such as thumbnails and carousels, make it possible to create customized, interactive graphic layouts, enabling more intuitive data visualization and interaction. The revolutionary business intelligence reporting tools approach combines conventional reporting functions with Performance Management applications tools in an integrated software environment, empowering any user to make decisions based on a single, shared, coherent information base.